Frank Cooney, Sr.


9/10/1941 to 6/3/2015


Viewing 6pm - 8pm Friday 6/5/15

Service 7:30pm Saturday


Tillman Funeral Home

2170 South Military Trail

West Palm Beach, Fl 33415

Phone # 561-965-4412


The Island of Bimini Lost a Good Man Today.


It is not an understatement to say that Bimini Sands is largely responsible for kick starting the development of South Bimini. And the motivating force behind Bimini Sands, the man who refused to believe the skeptics, was Frank Cooney Sr. The success of Bimini Sands, in turn, encouraged development on its neighbor, North Bimini.


A hands-on manager who lived on the island, Frank persevered where everyone else failed. One must understand that as recently as the 80’s, South Bimini was an almost Robinson Crusoe type place. The few hardy homeowners were essentially on their own when it came to utilities and such - the infrastructure on South Bimini was almost non-existent. If this wasn’t bad enough, a number of drug runners called South Bimini home during the Miami Vice years.


The drug runners are long gone but to this day locals on North Bimini still refer to South Bimini as Little Australia, though now it is probably more out of jealousy than anything. Property prices and desirability have done nothing but escalate. Indeed, Bimini Sands has been completely sold out and original owners have seen the value of their units appreciate quite nicely.


Frank Cooney was not the first developer on South Bimini. He was, however, the first to make a successful go of it. Whether you call it vision, determination or just plain stubbornness, Frank had it in spades and for this Bimini owes him a debt of gratitude.


RIP Senior